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          My family of Imbrecht pigeons have a unique history. It all started with a well known man, Admiral " Blackie " Weinel. It all came together with a bird I purchased at an auction that took place at the San Diego Club house. This is when I aquired a bird sent to the auction from Omer Van Welleghem. The pedigree showed that the mother of this bird I just purchased was from Blackie Weinel. The background is from LaFou and Old Red bloodlines.


This win is dedicated to my friend Blackie Weinel. "'s only a pigeon race".

Humane Society. Donate.

Today I had to put down my dog. You know what that feels like. Called my vet and was given some numbers to call. The cost to do this varies as I found out. Starting at $350.00. However, the Humane Society of Escondido did the service for $60.00. Now you know. Please donate to the Humane Society in your area.


This year there are restrictions on flying. New Castles Disease has limited my toss distance to 25 miles, north on freeway 15. 25 miles 4 or 5 times weekly, from the same spot has created a pattern in lost birds. For a while I was getting all birds home, no late birds, at 25 miles. Then hawks and falcons show up. I start loosing one bird each toss. I reason that the falcons are hitting my birds. Toss 35 birds and 15 come home first, then 5, then ones and twos. The birds finally are home. Head count says one bird out, it never comes in, falcon. This goes on for 8 tosses until one day. I'm coming down the freeway after tossing the birds one basket at a time. I look to my left and spot the last 9 birds out. Now they are flying between the fast lane and the center railing. Traffic in the fast lane is slowing to witness this group of birds flying 4 feet off the ground at 58 mph. I see the wings pumping and the birds head reaching out like a fighter jet. There is my little MLY hen, my BB spl, what a sight. I get home to find one bird was flying too low, bumped something. Here is what I want to believe. Those birds got hit by falcons and hawks so many times that they are flying low to avoid getting hit. Its gotta be instinctive, a means of defense. What do you think?

MY NEW FLYER. MAY 23rd 2020.

We all received help when we got started, right? I enjoy helping new flyers. Presently I am in contact with 3 potential flyers. Each will fly in the San Diego RPC. All 3 are at different stages of developing their loft and team. I encourage all flyers to look to get someone started. Your nephew or a neighborhood kid is a good place to start mentoring. "KEEP 'EM FLYING". I'm located in North San Diego County if you would like to donate a couple of yb's.

5/23 UPDATE:

Another new potential flyer, number 4 in the recent months. Bob is located in the City of Escondido. His loft is under construction and soon to have some Yb's on the perches.
Donations of yb's can help a new flyer have birds in the sky sooner than later. Also, if you have been tempted to have homing pigeons, contact me for some info on getting started. My cell is 760-519-5597.

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