Q: How many pigeons do you have?

A: I try to keep it between 80 and 100. I have always had a small colony of birds and enjoy this amount very much. Feed and supplies are inventoried to this quantity of birds, as well, my trip to the feed store is also on this schedule. Old bird racing is the only session that I fly. If I raced young birds I would redesign my managing system to accomodate more birds. I frequently hear some flyers comment that they have to many birds. Having a large colony, say 250 birds or more is fine if you have help or your retired, however, you can add stress to the birds and yourself with a large colony. 100 birds or less is easy to care for and fun to have.

Q: How do they know how to find their way home?
A: Well my first response is, a compass. This always gets a laugh. Then I proceed to say that it is "Mother Natures" compass. With my best effort, my explaination will include the sun, the thermals, magnetic pull, accute senses, etc. Then I drive it home with final point, the north and south direction of the 15 Freeway. When I think of how many times I have seen teams of racers traveling south to San Diego along the freeway, it makes me wonder.

Q:  "PIGEONS"! Don't they attract rodents?
A:  ......and truthfully I have to say yes. Mice and rats will visit the area where a pigeon pen is located. It is very important to keep the pens clean to reduce the attraction. I describe to my guest that if you leave feed out over night or allow feed to lay near the feeders that you will soon be known as the neighborhood fast food for critters. That gets a chuckel. I show them the wire that I use to cover window openings to keep critters out. Piles of wood and clutter near the pens will be the "Motel 6" for the critters lodging. The plastic trash can for my scrapings don't have holes in the bottom and have covers on them. Well without boring them to death, it is about now that I will say, " Do you have critters at your house"? Some will say no and some might answer honestly, ....."yes, from time to time I will find a critter in the garage". So you see, we live on this planet with rodents, however, as a keeper of pigeons, we must be more diligent then the neighbors to keep our area clean.

"Why does a pigeon coupe' have two doors"?
"I give, why does a pigeon coop have two doors"?

A: "cause if it had four id'a be a sedan."


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